Removing stains from carpet can literally be a sticky situation if not handled correctly and it isn’t always realistic or possible to get professionals cleaners in every time a little spillage or mess occurs. If you reside in Arizona, then you can visit this carpet cleaning Gilbert website for professional service. Fortunately though, if you want to do it yourself… there are some pretty straightforward and effective home carpet cleaning solutions out there that can get the job done just as well as those expensive shop bought products.

Of course you want to be careful from the get-go when you are attempting to clean your own carpets, as you don’t want to make matters worse! Therefore we always advise that you test a small portion of a stain before going for it with all you’ve got. It is also advised that you never pour the solution directly onto the carpet, instead pour some directly onto a cloth instead, this way you can control the amount of product that touches the carpet and reduce the risk of damage.

So how do you go about making your own homemade carpet cleaning solution? Well there are a variety of different solutions but we have compiled a list of a few of out top picks that we have tried and tested.

Go Natural

One of the most basic solutions that the majority of people will have the ingredients for just lying around their home is that of white wine vinegar, lemon juice, witch hazel and warm water. This combination is one of the more natural methods to help lift stains out if you aren’t willing to go along the detergents path. It makes for an effective clean that you can safely use at home.

In fact vinegar is renowned for being a godsend when it comes to cleaning around the home. So you might even consider combining equal parts vinegar with warm water.

Another great tip that you will commonly see on message forums is to use some baking soda to help remove any odor and some of the stain. Because the baking soda is an absorbent it will also help to lift any liquids out of the carpet before you then use your solution.

Introduce Detergents

An alternative treatment is to go down the detergent path; these are once again products that you will likely have lying around your cleaning cupboard or under the sink. A common detergent cleaning recipe usually involves the likes of some dishwashing liquid with some warm water. You then gently rub this mixture in to help clean the carpet and lift stains. A lot of people introduce clothes detergents and fabric softeners to ensure the carpets remain in good condition after they have been treated.

Try Nail Polish

You might be surprised at this but if nail polish can lift stubborn nail varnish then it can also be pretty good at removing stains as well! So raid your vanity drawer and start slowly using a dabbed cloth to see if it helps lift the stain. A friendly note, remember to always wear cleaning gloves when you are using these solutions as they can be quite harsh on the skin, especially when you are rubbing with a cloth and using harsher detergents. Also remember if you think you are getting in over your head then just leave it, in some cases it is best to leave difficult stains to professionals and you don’t want to do more harm than good.